Nous sommes arrivés au futur…*

*we have arrived in the future… Kind of.

When it comes to modernity, Paris is not a city that springs immediately to mind. It’s a city held together by the woven strands of a colourful history, sodden by the streams of memories past. France as a country is similarly far from being front of the line to grasp the future, often appearing to turn away from innovation, forward thinking and swift progress (and jeez, haven’t us expats learned that lesson time and time again?). But that’s part of its slow, luxurious charm, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If I think about it, there’s nowhere else more fitting for a Luddite like me to live.

IMG_2463But the time has come to drag myself at least, into the future. You thought this blog was perfectly formed in its current state? Well, you’d be right of course. But for me, this is really only the beginning. In honour of pARIS: small capital’s first year, my Paris-versary (it’ll be six years on the 16th February, putain!), and the birthday of my wonderful grandad today, who was born during the city’s golden literary reign of Gertrude Stein et al, we’re about to crank it up a gear.

Having resisted new technology and social media for so long, it’s actually pARIS: small capital that has steered the great ship Blog into the 21st century, with Luddite Kim clinging on for dear life in that wooden nest bit at the top of the mast. The city is crying out for more exposure, so it keeps whispering to me. There are so many details that still remain undiscovered and uncelebrated. It seems I have fallen into the role of the person to ferret them out and reveal them in all their glory. And I couldn’t be happier to do so.

IMG_2464So without further ado.. ta da da daaaa! I bring you the remaining two social media-sketeers to join the small capital trio courtesy of Twitter and Instagram. will remain as a weekly endeavour (Wednesday is sacred post day), but via the magic of the other two platforms, I will be furnishing you with a (hopefully) delightful array of visual and lexical tidbits gathered on my meanders through this most wonderful, arresting and baffling of cities.

For those who are already connected, here’s where to marvel in the new Twitter and Instagram pages. For those who resemble me at the end of 2013, i.e. a scared little mouse when it comes to technology, come on in! The water’s lovely!* Followers, feedback, comments and large slices of praise (here’s hoping!) are eagerly welcome.

*Just don’t actually bring your computer into the pool, electricity and water spell disaster, naturally.