In season: June

How good is summer?! All that heat, sunshine, and… oh.IMG_1389

But at least the food is good. The good ship asparagus is soon to be sailing off (and I for one will probably shed a tear), but there’s plenty of welcome fruit and vegetable friends in town to huddle under it’s crown. I say plenty, and darn well mean it – June is the first month of the year when all of the more colourful, and well, frankly more exotic varieties (sorry root veg) pop their heads out to say hello. And are promptly eaten.

Here’s a list of some of the best stuff to be eating now. Time to take the wheelbarrow to the market methinks…

Apricot – abricot
Artichoke – artichaut
Asparagus – asperge
Beetroot – betterave
Broad beans – fève
Carrot – carotte
Cherry – cerise
Chicory – endive
French beans – haricot vert
Lettuce – laitue
Mangetout – pois gourmand (didn’t expect a translation of that one, did you?)
Peas – petit pois
Potatoes – pomme de terre
Radish – radis
Raspberry – framboise
Rocket – roquette
Spinach – épinard
Strawberry – fraise
Tomatoes – tomate
Turnip – navet
Watercress – cresson

Spoiled we are, frankly spoiled. Enjoy!