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Salut! My name’s Kim and I’ve lived in Paris since early 2009, arriving in this beautiful city via the rolling Hampshire hills of my home country England, and a two-year stint in Sydney, Australia to give the other hemisphere a go for a while.

In 2013 I moved into my very own slice of Paris, a tiny apartment in the 18th arrondissement lovingly referred to as the ‘Granny flat’ after the lovely 92-year-old lady who used to live there before me. I haven’t changed a thing since I moved in and my home still has that very vintage feel, complete with a bidet on wheels (seriously), and a lovely set of teeny tiny sherry glasses.

The reason for this? Money. Paris is mind-blowingly expensive, and has the power to bankrupt you. If you let it. But with a little imagination and a fresh perspective, you can really explore those enchanting and lesser known parts of the city that other visitors and residents miss out on in favour of the more well-trodden (and I have to say sometimes clichéd) parts of town.

And that’s exactly what I intend to do. Paris can be a very challenging place to live, and I’m determined to get the most out of it, whilst indulging my creative side along the way. Lucky for this project, I’m a person with an utter inability to sit still, so I’m keen to get out there and really ‘do’ Paris as much as I can. But MY Paris. I hope you’ll join me.


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