In season: March









Now that the winter is definitely behind us, and the warm weather has come to join the party, there’s no excuse not to head out to the market to fill your boots with delicious seasonal fruit and veg. Here’s a list of what’s good to eat now.

Beetroot – betterave
Blood orange – orange sanguine
Brussels sprouts – chou de Bruxelles
Cabbage – chou
Carrot – carrotte
Cauliflower – chou-fleur
Celery – céleri
Chicory – endive
Jerusalem artichoke – topinambour
Leeks – poireau
Potatoes – pomme de terre
Radishes – radis
Spring onion – oignons frais
Turnip – navet

If you fancy getting creative with your spoils, then here’s a recipe for beetroot pie to impress the pants off your friends with, courtesy of the BBC. Enjoy!


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