Bargains, Bargains Bargain!

Les soldes arrivent !!!

In the UK, the Christmas period is dominated by the sales that begin religiously on the 26th December in a flurry of post-turkey spending, which certainly burns off those extra Christmas calories quickly enough.

In France though, things happen a little differently and the discounted madness is quite heavily regulated, there being only two ‘sales’ periods a year in winter and summer. The winter sales begin on the 2nd Wednesday of January (this year the 8th), and continue for a strict 5 weeks, until this year, Tuesday 11th February.

You’ll see the word ‘SOLDES’ everywhere you turn during this period – it means ‘sales’. If you have a bit of spare cash to hit the shops, then this is the time of year to do it, whether to treat yourself or to stock up on a few essentials. Granny flat needs a new set of crockery, so I’ll definitely be getting stuck in.

If you don’t manage to find a bargain in the winter sales, then you’ll just have to wait for the summer sales, this year from 25th June to 29th July. But maybe it’s a good idea to bear in mind some sage advice from Joan Collins: “If you don’t love it the moment you try it on, don’t buy it!” Happy shopping!

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